Understanding the implications to your organisation of GDPR across Data, Channel and Brand.

08 February 2018 / Jaywing

Attend a tailored 1 day workshop for senior stakeholders within your business.

GDPR is a power shift. It means brands will need explicit permission to have and carry on marketing conversations. This is overwhelmingly a good thing because GDPR will ensure brands contact and connect with individuals in the right way, or not at all.

With broad and far-reaching implications ahead of the May 2018 deadline, organisations must understand and comply with the new legislation and demonstrate that compliance. But beyond the technical requirements, brands will also be required to change their marketing emphasis to grow permissions through compelling, highly personalised and engaging experiences.

Manage the risks, maximise the opportunities across data, channel and brand.

Drawing on Jaywing's deep expertise, we're holding one-day, tailored sessions to help organisations join the dots between data compliance and management, channel optimisation and brand engagement through a phased plan that can be actioned to deliver immediate results, including:

  • Demystifying GDPR: A review of the upcoming legislative changes and the implications to your business.

  • Analysis of your data landscape including what information you hold and how to comply with the rights of individuals under GDPR.

  • The foundations of effective programmes in the use and acquisition of compliant customer data.

  • How your marketing team should prepare for and respond to the introduction of GDPR, including how to optimise and become compliant via each channel to market.

  • Reappraisal of your brand communications and engagement strategies, to shift the conversation from compliance to opportunity.

Receive a comprehensive plan tailored to the requirements for your organisation of GDPR, including how your data management systems, marketing processes and practices can be leveraged to comply with GDPR and maximise brand engagement.

This workshop is for senior stakeholder in:

Marketing - to understand and optimise the impact of GDPR across your communications.

Management - to understand and plan for the impact of GDPR on your business.

IT and Information Security - to review, plan and implement and to maintain security standards.

Legal and Compliance - to gain insight into privacy obligations and regulatory requirements.

For more information and to get involved in this workshop, please email olly.sowden@jaywing.com or call Olly on 07725 075407.

This workshop has been designed to draw on deep data and brand expertise from across the Jaywing business and to cover off a checklist of key items to ensure that your organisation is not only compliant with the new GDPR regulation, but also able to maximise relationships in the new era of permission. This workshop is in line with the very latest ICO guidelines.

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If you had to create a consultancy specifically for GDPR, it would look a lot like Jaywing. We’re a data science-led creative marketing agency working with leading brands across many sectors, managing their data, risk and marketing.

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