GDPR fundamentally redefines the relationship between brands and individuals.

For brands, it means working harder and smarter to secure, maintain and grow permission to speak to customers. It’s the permission to hold data, share communication and engage through different channels. If data plays any part in your strategy, it’s a challenge you can’t afford to ignore.
Get it right and you’ll be in a stronger position than ever, because now
permission is everything.

Permission redefined

We manage data, risk and marketing for some of the UK's biggest brands and financial institutions. From our unique perspective, we believe you will need to earn permission on three levels: data, brand and channel.

Data permission

If you hold data, you’ll need new levels of rigour and compliance. To help you achieve this we can carry out a review of your data environment - both your customer and prospect databases to:

  • Review and audit data structures and identify personal data
  • Assess data quality to build a solid foundation for GDPR compliance and marketing activity
  • Monitor compliance recording
  • Create a single, consistent view of your data subjects
  • Conduct hygiene checks
  • Deliver a permissions audit
  • Report and recommend improvements

Brand permission

Brands must build trust and loyalty to retain existing customers and the permission to carry on the conversation with your audience. We can help you to do this through:

  • Channel and communications value audit and strategic recommendations
  • Development of content, loyalty and retention strategies
  • On-boarding programme design and application
  • Brand and value proposition development
  • Creative and language review
  • GDPR compliant asset toolkits
  • GDPR workshops and briefing sessions to train your marketing and brand teams

Channel permission

We can help to define the right, compliant ways of reaching customers, capturing and recording information through:

  • Adaptability planning
  • Optimising data capture
  • Opt-in strategies and compliance communication
  • CRM strategies: 1:1 communications and programme design and application
  • Develop channel value propositions
  • Contextualising media strategies against new legislation
  • Reviewing user and customer experiences
  • Connecting customer data across online and offline channels to create a single customer view
  • Conducting channel value audits and attribution application

Permission is

With ownership and control over data passing from brands to customers, organisations will be judged on their ability to ensure the right customer permissions are in place, protect customer data, and critically, to use it with integrity.

John McDermott, Head of CRM, Jaywing

Protect their data, build their trust.

Whitepaper - GDPR: A force for good.

GDPR represents a win for organisations to develop more transparent relationships, offering marketers the opportunity to address the issue of trust that has blighted the industry for far too long.

Maria Vardy, Managing Director, Jaywing

Relationships aren't built on compliance alone.

How GDPR will help brands build trust.

To meet GDPR compliance requirements, brands need to implement strong data management and governance processes, and audit these on a regular basis to ensure that data is complete and accurate, and that customers have given their permission for it to be used.

Inderjit Mund, Data Management Practice Director, Jaywing

Delve deeper into your data.

Whitepaper - GDPR: A force for good.

Permission doesn't end. Permission requires a continuous relationship. We help brands earn, nurture, retain, record, grow and maximise permissions to build long-term, valuable relationships with customers.

Gavin Shore, Creative Director, Jaywing

Relationships aren't built on compliance alone.

How GDPR will help brands build trust.

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